Data, Information & Cyber Law

The Pangea DICL team is an international group of experienced and specialised lawyers dedicated to privacy, cybersecurity and open data issues. We support your digital transformation and guide you in the protection, use and defence of your immaterial assets from a legal perspective.

About DICL

The creation of the Data, Information & Cyber Law (DICL) Practice Group is a Pangea Net initiative to bring together the best experts in digital law from around the world. Initially named the « GDPR » Practice Group, in reference to the famous EU regulation that came into force on 25 May 2018, Pangea Net’s group of experts decided to broaden its spectrum to cover the entire field of digital law, namely the rules protecting personal data and privacy (Privacy), those relating to responsibility for content and intermediaries (Information), as well as those punishing network infringements; but also the legal aspects of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Blockchain, Internet Of Things (IoT) or Biometrics (Cyber).

Our multi-jurisdictional experts approach draws on the familiarity of our specialists with their respective local laws and customs, combined with a geek-worthy curiosity and appetite for the latest technological developments and phenomena that we keenly share with clients in the form of legal insights & digests.

We provide professional and ready-to-implement advice because we have our finger on the pulse of the sector: we are active in the global IT ecosystem and stay sharp by contributing to the development of the of the sector in our respective countries and regions, as members of think tanks, policy institute and influential research institutes as well as lecturers at universities.

When you work with Pangea DICL, you get full access to a team of lawyers working in the one-stop shop style:

  • one key point of contact who will pilot the project for you through the multi-jurisdictional jungle
  • one end-product consolidating the various aspects of your query
  • one monthly invoice in one currency, combining
    the services rendered by our experts

Areas of expertise

Pangea DICL offers cross border strategic legal advice in relation with:

  • Data protection and privacy
  • e-reputation & personality rights
  • Information technology
  • Protection of secrets (professional secrecy, communication secrecy and trade secrets)
  • Cyber-litigation (cybersecurity, cybercrime)
  • Content liability & platforms

Key contacts


Partner at klein•wenner, France


Partner at klein•wenner, France

Mgr. Bc. Tomás Mudra

Senior Counsel at UEPA, Czech Republic

DICL news

DICL Practice Group – Newsletter 4

The 25 May 2022 marks the fourth anniversary of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force. In this newsletter, the Pangea DICL team reflects on key trends across 10 of jurisdictions (Poland, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, Germany and Croatia) in particular looking ahead to issues that are coming into focus (cookies, cloud services, video surveillance and services of facial recognition, etc.).

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Pangea Net Annual General Meeting 2021

Today is THE day! Pangea Net’s members will get together (digitally!) for 12th Annual General Meeting, connecting from 31 different locations in the world! From Mexico to China, from Sweden to South Africa, from the UK to Poland, … Here’s to sharing, networking, learning and growing together.

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Pangea Net Annual Report 2020-2021

What a start it has been into 2020… with this mind-blowing AGM in India – my head is full of joy when I think of the time we had in Delhi and Agra. A great thank you and a big applause one more time to Pankaj and his team from ILG India! And what a dramatic shift it took as of March… My fair guess is that it was a challenging year for all of us, both from a professional and personal point of view.

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