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Kwint is a boutique firm specialized in employment and social security law. Kwint mainly assists employers throughout the whole country and cross-border with legal and strategic advice on all HR legal related questions. Kwint also represents employers in court. In 2021, the share of B2B clients of Kwint was 94%.

Employers enter into relations with various parties: employees, trade unions, public authorities, self-employed service providers and competitors. Kwint assists employers with legal advice and assistance related to each of these relations. In the first place our service takes the form of advice, the drawing up of contracts and other relevant documents and the prevention of disputes. Kwint also assists in those cases where conflicts nevertheless arise. As lawyers we obviously also defend the interests of our clients in court. We are also open to requests to provide in-house training or to larger commissions within the company in-house.

Kwint favours direct and personal contact combined with fast and efficient service. Our service is tailor-made: advice via telephone in urgent cases, a solid memo when needed.

Kwint combines a personal and direct approach with the expertise and experience of a boutique firm. Together, the lawyers of Kwint have 99 years of experience in employment and social security law.

As a medium-sized boutique firm, it is not our ambition to be the market leader in technological innovation. The advice clients expect from us does not allow for standardization. However, this does not prevent us from adopting creative solutions to meet our clients’ demands in the best, fastest, and therefore most efficient way. Some examples:

  • When an employer’s organization asked our advice on a topic that was relevant for all of their members, we provided the advice in the form of a ten minutes online video recording, which made the advice easily accessible for the client’s members;

  • When the management of one of our clients became aware of potential unethical/unlawful practices in the organization, we organized a mock social inspection at the company, including interviews of employees, in order to identify potential issues and to prepare for the official social inspection which was expected to take place shortly afterwards; For several key clients, Kwint lawyers are a structural part of the client’s legal department. We do not just second lawyers for project work, but we offer a support team, with a single point of contact for the client.