• Member Firms

    Our members provide a broad range of commercial legal services including corporate, foreign investment, M&A, banking, tax, anti-trust, intellectual property, labour and employment, construction, real estate, and litigation.

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  • Practice Groups

    Pangea Net operates a number of practice area sub-groups, providing network members with opportunities to forge close working relationships with lawyers who share a common practice area. These practice groups, organised by our members, involve our lawyers participating in events throughout the year and have proved to be an effective way of increasing network activity by encouraging member firms to involve more of their lawyers in Pangea Net initiatives.

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  • Events

    Our network members meet throughout the year at Pangea Net’s annual conference, practice group events, and at other international conferences throughout the year. In addition to more formally organised events, our members recognise the value of building network relationships and arrange visits to other members on their own time, either to work together on specific projects, or perhaps if they just happen to be in the same place at the same time.

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