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Ivan ĆUK

We are an independent law partnership who specializes in intellectual property while offering traditional patent and trademark prosecution and business, corporate and banking legal services.

As we explore the frontier of IP and IA concerns and their relation to business strategy, we have formed strategic IP consultancy modules for growth oriented firms.

In response to demand for creative and beneficial alternatives to litigation, we have championed Advanced Dispute Resolution for our range of clients, which includes corporations, financial institutions and law firms worldwide and regionally.

Our professional team of lawyers seek to provide diverse legal assistance, while offering innovative solutions, comprehensive services and excellent legal representation. In support of our attorneys is IP filing department, a team of individuals which attend to paralegal matters.

Our team is highly trained and we further our education by continuously following developments within the fields of law we practice and in the industries our clients operate. The depth of our experience is geographically extensive and we are actively expanding it following our clients’ operations.

A large part of our flexibility comes from listening to our clients. What we have to offer only matters if we understand our clients’ unique needs; by paying attention we see more clearly how our services support our clients’ goals, whether it pertains to a simple patent dispute or long term strategy.



  • Banking and Finance
  • Competition and Antitrust
  • Construction law
  • Consumer law
  • Corporate
  • Entertainment & Sports Law
  • Environment and Natural Resource
  • Immigration
  • Intellectual Property and Technology
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Mediation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Privacy and Cybersecurity
  • Real estate
  • Venture Technology and Emerging Growth Companies


Additionally, Corporate Social Responsibility is and has always been a fundamental part of our values and an integral part of our business. In particular this reflects on the following aspects:


We are convinced that an individual is the highest social value and insists on continuing education of our staff, therefore we support (financially and otherwise) our employees when they decide to learn move and move their education further with a goal of enabling them to achieve self-fulfillment and personal happiness through personal development. At the same time, we believe in sharing our knowledge with others, in particular younger people, so we always host students and/or young professionals from different countries as interns.



Since the beginning of our firm’s history, we are an equal opportunities employer. We have always hired employees of different ethnic and national backgrounds, speaking different languages and belonging to different religions and communities. This is reflected in the fact that 68% percent of our employees are women and 2 of 4 members of the management board are women.

We are convinced that only a social environment where the differences are recognized, respected and fostered is bringing our societies into their meaningful future.



VUKMIR & ASSOCIATES do a number of specific pro bono work not only when it is assigned to us ex officio but also on our own initiative. In particular, we assist young people and start-ups by giving initial advice free of charge and by offering low fees. We also participate in different seminars giving lectures on strategic plans for start-ups and on building up of a successful intangible assets.



We are very concerned about the environment and take an active part in pursuing a sustainable working place. Therefore, we try to use only local producers, we recycle as much as possible, from batteries to paper, and are on the way to become a plastic-free office.

Since the very beginning of our practice, we have adhered to a simple pattern of “reduce, reuse and recycle” as a guidance on our environmental presence. We have been paying the carbon-offset fees on various occasions for our official and private travel and have been giving a pro bono advice to a number of environmental projects such as to the GEA@275 project of inventor Prof. Staša Puškarić, who was featured in the Ice on Fire environmental documentary, co-produced by TreeMedia, Appian Way and Leonardo DiCaprio and the HBO.