Babiaczyk, Skrocki & Wspólnicy

Babiaczyk, Skrocki & Wspólnicy was founded in 1993. Since then we have earned the reputation of being one of the best law firms specialising in provision of comprehensive legal services to large and medium-sized enterprises on each stage of their development. We have been advising numerous foreign clients in establishing and operating business in Poland.

The philosophy which stands behind our actions draws from pragmatism: our services are fully subordinated to our Clients’ business objectives. Therefore our advice is always preceded with becoming acquainted with the specifics of the client’s operations and understanding its expectations and needs, which allows selecting the most practical solutions under given circumstances.

Currently almost 20 lawyers with extensive practical experience advise our clients in almost all fields of business law. Our lawyers have fluent command of English, German and Russian.

Our law-firm provides both ongoing services as well as specialist legal advices in particular in the fields of:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Investments in Poland
  • Development and transfer of real estates
  • Energy law
  • Establishment, transformation and liquidation of companies
  • Employment issues
  • Public procurement
  • Litigation and enforcement proceedings
  • Tax issues
  • Unfair competition
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